Slendytubbies V2 BETA is RELEASED

So what are you to expect in this Beta?
  • Reduced Slendytubbies chasing speeds
  • Reduced Slendytubbies scream sound
  • Sounds on custard pickup
  • Slendytubby nearby sounds
  • CO-OP mode is replaced with Competitive mode
  • Character customization (Click here for more customization skins)
  • In-game text-chat
  • In-game Lobby/start game feature
  • Versus jumping bug fix
  • Interactive objects in-game
  • More scenery, grass and trees
  • Game doesn't end if one player dies (unless its the host)
  • Hide cursor
  • Easter eggs

Slendytubbies is a re-make of the popular indie game "Slender", with a massive twist. Like the slender game, this game was made in the 3D Unity Engine. Don't be afraid to download, they're teletubbies, they're harmless and non-scary... Right? (WRONG)
Move Up - ArrowUp / W
Move Down - ArrowDown / S
Move Left - ArrowLeft / A
Move Right - ArrowRight / D
Look around - Move Mouse
Sprint - Left shift Crouch - C
Switch Flashlight on/off - F / Right Mouse Button
Jump - Space
Map - M (Hold)
Hide/Show Cursor - G/H (Currently doesn't work online)
Toggle chat - T

Objective: The objective is to collect all 10
teletubby custards without being caught by the

Competitive Mode (Online):
Objective: Play against your friends and try
to collect all the custards before they do!
Be warned though, Each player has a
slenytubby chasing them.

Versus Online:
Objective: Players must try to collect all 10
teletubby custards. One player however, plays
as the slendertubby and must catch all players.

Additional notes: It takes around 10-20 seconds before a players customization textures render.  To find out how to play online with Hamachi: Click here and to find out how to play online without Hamachi (port forwarding) Click here.
For more character customization textures/skins, Click here.